About Us


Our company was founded in 1994 in Istanbul and continues its activities to this day. Our company has been providing construction and building services in the main construction sector, mainly roads and it operates in infrastructure projects such as road & bridge construction, landscaping, sewage and storm water line projects.

Our company participates mainly in contract works of the operating state / municipal investments as well as private sector projects. We have completed over 20 miscellaneous contracts such as road, infrastructure and bridge construction projects. Additionally, you can find all our completed projects (industrial buildings, port and marine projects and school buildings etc.) under References.



  • To maintain a steady growth in all our pecuniary and intangible assets of our company,
  • To grow steadily in our sector,
  • To position our company as an example for other companies in our sector,
  • To spread our quality consciousness so that we can contribute to the economy,
  • To implement the perfect standard in construction technologies and services so that we can be the first and only choice of our customers,
  • To complete our projects of good quality in time with optimum solutions and to use our customers’ investments in the most efficient way possible,
  • To be a 5-star construction company with perfect standards in construction sector.



  • To meet the product and service expectations of our customers with a world class quality in accordance with our talent and capacity,
  • To increase the satisfaction levels of our customers and employees,
  • To differentiate within our sector with our products and services,
  • To prioritize environment, health and security issues and to create added value to our society by working with social responsibility norms,
  • To attain our goals by working harmoniously with all companies and people we are in contact with,
  • To contribute to global, national and regional economies,
  • To be a continuous entrepreneur by taking responsibility in the development of our operating region,
  • To contribute to the developments in the construction sector.