BAKU 2015 – 1st European Games BMX Venue Project

Project Information

Project Name: BAKU 2015 - 1st European Games BMX Venue Project
Location: Baku / Azerbaijan
Client: MoYS-Ministry of Youth and Sport / BEGOC-Baku European Games Organization Committee
Scope of Work: Complete Management Works (Enabling&Site Preparation, Ramp Building, Track Construction, Sports Lighting, Grandstand and Overlay)

Project Details

Total venue area prepared: 29.000 m2
Earthworks: 103.000 m3
Paved (Subgrade+Asphalt) area prepared: 21.900 m2
Landscaped (Grassing+Planting) area prepared: 11.500 m2
Sewerage & Storm and Drinking water lines (Dia 90/400 mm): 2.450 mt
Boundary fencing: 1.250 mt
RC Piles (Dia. 450 mm): 1.100 mt
Formwork: 1.850 m2
Rebar: 410 tn
Concrete: 2.600 m3
Steel Structure Ramp Building: 980 m2
Facade: 1.350 m2
World Cup class BMX Track: 1 ea
Sports Lighting Pole (h:39 mt) 4 ea
Portable Grandstand (Including Broadcast facilities): 1/1.500 set/seat
Internal fencing: 3.800 mt
Street Lighting: 22.000 m2
Offices and Lounge (cabin/tent): 2.100 m2
Athlete preparation rooms (tent): 925 m2
Storages (cabin/tent): 500 m2
Toilets and Showers (cabin): 225 m2